10 Best Carpet Cleaners and Reviews

Maintaining your carpets to keep them looking pristine is vital if you want them to last a long time.

Carpets are a wonderful addition to any space and can immediately improve a whole room by adding grace and style. However, even the most beautiful carpets can be a pain and tough to clean properly.

Whether you had some friends over for a little get-together and someone spilled a glass of red wine on the carpet or your kids have been at the paints again, removing stubborn stains and various marks can seem impossible at first.

We’ve all been there. Down on all fours trying to scrub certain areas of the carpet only to look an hour later and see that the stain has just been scrubbed further into the carpet’s material.

Thankfully, there is a remedy to such problems. Whether you need to remove stains, food particles, grease marks, muddy footprints, or pet fur, a carpet cleaner can be your superhero.

Carpet cleaners should be used for regular maintenance to help keep your carpets smelling and looking fresh. Not only do they improve the look of your carpet, but they give it a longer shelf life by preserving its quality.

There are a range of carpet cleaners on the market today and we know how hard it is to find the right one for your needs. That is why we have done over 20 hours of research into the 10 best carpet cleaners.

We will review each one and weigh up the pros and cons of each so you can decide which is best for you.

Keep reading to find a carpet cleaner that will become your best friend for years to come!


Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

With excellent power and supreme pet cleaning capabilities, the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine could be the ideal choice for your carpet cleaning needs.

Many consider Bissell to be one of, if not the, best carpet cleaning brands, and when looking at this product, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

If you have a larger area of carpet, the Big Green carpet cleaner is perfect for tackling more spacious carpets.

It has a large enough tank capacity of over 1-gallon so you won’t have to fill it up too often with water. This will allow you to clean multiple rooms without having to stop regularly to empty and refill the tank.

Whether you have tough stains from food or pets, the Big Green carpet cleaner is capable of working its magic. Its power will provide professional-grade cleaning results every time to transform your carpet from a worn-out-looking material to a more vibrant, fresh surface.

Have you ever tried cleaning certain areas of a carpet but they have just been too frustrating and difficult to reach? That won’t be a problem anymore with the Big Green cleaner.

It has a whole range of different lengths up to 9 feet so you can finally reach those tricky spots quickly as well as the skirting boards.

A 6” tough stain tool is also included to help remove the most stubborn stains but this shouldn’t be needed too often due to the power the Bissell carpet cleaner already possesses.

Outperforming commercial rented equipment in heavy-duty deep clean tests, the Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner is a quality machine that should keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh for years to come.


  • Powerful - Provides professional-grade cleaning results thanks to its extreme power for removing tough, heavy-duty stains
  • Large tank - Saves you from refilling the tank regularly so you can clean various rooms at once
  • 25 feet long cord - Makes cleaning far more convenient as you can plug in and move around the house easily and freely


  • Heavy - It's heavier weight can be difficult to move around easily for some users


Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner, Lightweight, FH50700, Blue

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Hoover PowerDash offers excellent amounts of power for a very reasonable price.

Providing efficiency and deep cleaning features, this Hoover is ideal for getting rid of various stains, marks, and smells from carpets.

Some carpet cleaners can be very heavy and hard to carry, let alone move around an open space. Weighing only 12.5-pounds, the Hoover PowerDash is slim and lightweight.

It is ideal for smaller spaces or rooms that have obstacles that need maneuvering around. This compact design is easy to use for cleaning carpeted stairs and under items of furniture that have, before now, been hard to reach.

This Hoover has two times as much cleaning power as its most competitive rival and this could be down to its innovative PowerSpin brush roll design. This thoroughly washes the carpet before HeatForce technology dries it out very quickly. This way, you won’t be left with a damp carpet for hours on end.

As the name suggests, the Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner Machine can tackle pet fur and particles brought in by pets. This will leave your carpet hair-free and smelling fresher than ever before.

Featuring a removable nozzle and dual-tank system, the Hoover PowerDash carpet cleaning machine is very easy and convenient to fill, empty, and rinse. Any problems and you will be covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Lightweight and compact - Very easy to use around smaller spaces and stairs
  • Powerful pet brush roll - Picks up pet hair instantly without damaging the carpet
  • Removable nozzle and dual-tank system - Allows for convenient maintenance and refilling when required


  • Some parts hard to clean - Dirt and debris gets caught in a component underneath the plastic nozzle which can become difficult to clean out


Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine, Upright Shampooer, FH50150V, Red

Next up is another entry on our list from Hoover. With a superb combination of quality and price, the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine promises to keep your carpets cleaner for longer-lasting use.

There are many reasons why this is one of the more popular choices in the carpet cleaning industry but the main one would probably be its excellent value for money.

It costs less than half of our first entry, the Bissell Big Green, and although it may not have all of the features in comparison, it is still a very strong and powerful machine with deep cleaning capabilities.

One aspect we really loved about the Hoover Power Scrub carpet cleaner was its portability and lightweight nature. You won’t have a problem moving this around your house or office space so there is no need to worry about putting your back out just trying to lift the machine.

Some carpet cleaning machines can be tricky to use at first. Fortunately, this Hoover’s design resembles a vacuum more than a home carpet cleaner. Therefore, it is more intuitive and far easier to use allowing you to clean areas faster and more efficiently.

There are various packages available with this machine from the basic model for larger spaces to the portable spot cleaner which allows you to reach smaller marks and stains quicker and more easily.


  • Good value for money - Compared to its competitors, this is one of the most budget-friendly carpet cleaners on the market helping you save money
  • Efficient suction and cleaning performance - Picks up dirt and debris very easily with a good amount of power as well as tackling stains superbly
  • Lightweight - Offers optimal convenience for manoeuvering around areas with heavy foot traffic and obstacles


  • Short cable - Can’t use this Hoover over larger spaces as you will have to re-plug it when moving to another room


Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner - Corded , Black

If you are looking for a more portable choice for maneuvering around smaller spaces more easily, the Bissell Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner may be the ideal choice for your needs. This is perfect for apartments as well as keeping those well-trodden stairs clean from dirty footprints.

If you have a small stain that has been hard to remove for a while, the Bissell Spot Clean carpet cleaner could be your savior. It has been built to tackle and remove small stains that may have been too stubborn for other devices or carpet cleaners.

Being portable, there is no surprise that it takes very little effort to carry this carpet cleaner around. Its compact size can be lifted and taken around the house with ease so you can clean downstairs and upstairs easily.

Although lightweight, the Bissell Spot Clean has a reasonable tank capacity so you shouldn’t have to refill too regularly.

Being smaller in size, this carpet cleaner isn’t as powerful as larger machines with a 5.7 amp motor. However, it does have a long reach power cord of 22-feet so you can move around different rooms in one go.

Combining an excellent suction, scrubbing action, and a professional cleaning solution, the Bissell Spot Clean carpet cleaner will become a trusted ally when removing pet stains, embedded dirt, and tough messes.


  • Portable - Very convenient and easy to move around smaller spaces
  • Multiple cleaning tools - Makes cleaning the stairs much easier and reaches hard to clean areas for professional-style results
  • Includes a protection formula - Protects your carpet from future stains with its stain protect formula


  • Not very powerful - Not as powerful as non-portable cleaners but has more than enough to tackle smaller stains and marks


SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8A

Our fifth entry on the list of best carpet cleaners is the Bissell SpotBot Cleaner. Similar to Bissell’s Spot Clean machine, this product is lightweight and portable for cleaning harder-to-reach spaces.

Getting to grips with some carpet cleaners can take some time. This can be frustrating when all you want to do is turn it on and clean up a mess left by your muddy pet.

Thankfully, the SpotBot Pet and Stain cleaner needs no assistance or control. It works automatically with you just choosing a cleaning cycle and then walking away.

The machine will do all the hard work by performing a deep clean on your carpets so you can sit back with a glass of red. Just try not to spill it!

The clue is in the name as this machine is ideal if you have pets. Dogs and cats will inevitably bring in unwanted debris and dirt from outside, leaving a trail on your carpet that can be stubborn and hard to clean.

The Bissell SpotBot gets to work by cleaning your carpets down to the deepest level where dirt can become trapped. This dirt can cause serious damage to your carpet’s fibers limiting its lifespan. With this device, you get a cleaner carpet, and it sustains its quality for longer.

A unique design with spiral brush movements completes 400 cleaning revolutions per minute so your carpet is cleaned powerfully but in a very delicate manner to prevent any damage.


  • Fights mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria - Its Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection will remove unpleasant odors from your carpet and keep it fresher for longer
  • Automatic - Allows for an effortless clean without you having to control the machine
  • Powerful motor - Along with an excellent brushing technology, this can pick up the hardest to reach dirt in carpets prolonging its quality and lifespan


  • Not cordless - Will have to plug in for most rooms which can be time-consuming
  • Less powerful - Not as effective as some larger, manual cleaning machines


Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000G, Turquoise

If convenience is what you are after, you should certainly consider the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner Machine.

Another budget-friendly carpet cleaner, this has an array of useful features to get the job done properly without any fuss.

The Hoover Smartwash carpet cleaner is simple to set up and use. All you have to do is push the cleaner forward and allow it to wash your carpets with its premixed combination of water and strong cleaning formula.

Then, pull the machine back toward you and it will remove any moisture in the carpet. Your dirty carpet will become clean and dry in one easy motion.

The easier and quicker it is to clean carpets, the better. Thankfully, the Smartwash carpet cleaner works automatically by dispensing the perfect combination of cleaning formula and water. This saves you from having to mix these together yourself, saving you time and effort.

If the carpet is still a little damp after using this machine, simply select the “dry only” setting and pass over the carpet a few more times. Your carpet should become bone dry and be able to be used straight away.

Various attachments are included such as a hose and a 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool so you can clean all areas of your carpet and remove any odors and stains left by your pets.


  • Pre-mixed solution - Makes for a fool-proof cleaning and saves you time from mixing this yourself
  • One-step removable nozzle - Makes it easier to clean the brushes and maintain the machine
  • Automatic - Eliminates any guesswork when trying to figure out how it works saving time and frustration


  • Heavier in weight - Its 19-pounds can tend to be awkward to carry around different rooms and stairs


BISSELL Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1400B

If you’re looking for the quality of a larger carpet cleaner combined with portability, the Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is worth considering.

The Little Green carpet cleaner is a compact, versatile wet vacuum cleaner that provides outstanding performance through a spray and suction cleaning method.

Some stains and dirt can be much harder to remove. No matter how many times you try to rub the mark away, it refuses to disappear. This shouldn’t be a problem with the Little Green carpet cleaner thanks to its built-in water heater.

This heats up water to a high temperature resulting in a more efficient cleanse of the carpet as well as removing a larger amount of dirt than many of its competitors.

Weighing only 13-pounds, this carpet cleaner is a flawless choice for spot cleaning or tackling smaller areas of the carpet. Its tough spray and highly powerful suction work very well at removing stubborn stains, especially those that have sat on the carpet for some time.

The water tank is removable for easier filling and emptying with a generous capacity of 48-ounces. This will be more than enough to clean a number of rooms without needing to stop and refill the tank every so often.

You can clean out the hose to keep it well maintained after every use with its hydro rinse tool attachment so it will be ready and clean to use the next time you need it.


  • Very lightweight - Easy to carry around and especially useful for removing smaller stains 
  • Built-in water heater - Heats the water to a high temperature for a more efficient cleaning process
  • Strong and powerful suction - Able to pick up smaller pieces of debris from the carpet fibers


  • Not automatic - You will have to do everything manually on this machine which is more time consuming


Rug Doctor Pro Deep Commercial Cleaning Machine with Motorized Upholstery Tool, Large Red Carpet Cleaner

That’s right! There are more brands on the market than Bissell and Hoover. Although these dominate the carpet cleaning industry, you may be interested in another reliable brand, Rug Doctor.

Even though you may have never heard of Rug Doctor, this company is known for creating premium quality products that are favored among residential and commercial cleaners.

If you have a larger space to clean or are going into the cleaning industry, this Rug Doctor Pro Deep Commercial Cleaning Machine provides an excellent professional-grade cleaning result.

Combining a dual brush action with strong suction and water cleansing, this machine will tackle and clean the most hardened stains you will come across.

It promises to remove up to 90% of embedded dirt, stains, grime, oils, and odors leaving you with a cleaner and professionally cleaned carpet.

The Rug Doctor has powerful suction with large tanks so it can draw in a greater quantity of dirt or water off your carpet leaving them clean as well as dry.

This multi-purpose machine can also be used on a range of other materials such as upholstery, rugs, cushions, mattresses, and many more. This will save you money from buying other cleaning products so you can use this where and when you want.


  • Strong and durable - Solidly built for long-lasting use
  • Supreme suction power - Offers professional-grade cleaning results by drawing in more dirt and debris through its strong suction system
  • Versatile - Can be used on various materials as well as carpets to save you money on buying other cleaning products


  • Heavy and large - Weighing 37-pounds, this is not for the faint-hearted and can be difficult to move around


Bissell, 20037 Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner, 2019 Version

For a very easy to use and compact cleaning device, you should look no further than the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser. It works as an efficient carpet stain remover as well as a dry and wet vacuum so you can use it for specific needs at different times.

Whether you need to clean your carpets or car seats, this carpet cleaning machine will do the job for you.

Its cordless design means it is easier to move around and gives you more freedom when cleaning different areas. 

However, tests show that the battery only lasts for around 18 minutes but this should be enough time to clean stubborn stains.

Thoroughly tested, the Pet Stain Eraser has proven itself to be very capable of cleaning and removing tough stains that have sat on the carpet’s surface for over a month. You won’t have to cover up that patch on the carpet from last month anymore!

Some of the hardest stains to remove are those left by pets such as urine, vomit, and, worst of all, feces.

Thankfully, the Pet Stain Eraser lives up to its name by effectively removing these stains with its cleaning solution and brush nozzle for added deep cleaning.


  • Removes the most stubborn stains - Excellent at cleaning urine, vomit, or feces as well as the unpleasant odors attached
  • Acts as a wet and dry vacuum - Works efficiently on wet and dry surfaces
  • Grab and go cordless device - Lets you enjoy the freedom and convenience of a handheld cleaner while still providing a very powerful suction


  • Takes time to aim the spray - May need some practice to aim at precise areas


Resolve Carpet And Rug Cleaner Spray Spot & Stain Remover, 22 Ounce

Lastly, we have something a little different. You don’t always need to spend your hard-earned dollars on fancy machines to clean the occasional stain. Sometimes, good old-fashioned manual scrubbing is more than adequate.

Resolve Carpet Triple Oxi Advanced Carpet Stain Remover is an ideal weapon for sprucing up your carpets.

If you have been unfortunate enough to experience an oil, sauce, makeup, juice, coffee, mud, or wine spill (hopefully not all), this cleaning solution can remove pretty much any spot.

To see this carpet cleaner work its magic, simply spray it on the stain, leave for 30 seconds, and then scrub gently back and forth using a clean, durable cloth.

Most of the time, you will be amazed at how well Resolve removes stains as well as discoloration left by certain spills and contaminants.

Not only can Resolve leave your carpet looking fresh, but it can also leave it feeling soft and smelling very fresh too. By neutralizing odors, your carpet will be in the best shape it has been for years.


  • Neutralizes odors - Leaves your carpet feeling soft and smelling fresher than ever
  • Penetrates deep into the carpet surface - Works at removing the toughest stains from surfaces and prevent them from reappearing
  • Versatile - Can use this on a variety of stains and materials to permanently remove set-in stains


  • Leaves lighter marks on the carpet - Some customers have reported that this carpet cleaner has lightened spots on their carpet leaving it looking discolored

Best Carpet Cleaners Buying Guide

Now that you have seen our top 10 carpet cleaners, you are probably raring to purchase one right away.

However, there are some factors and features to consider when buying a top-quality carpet cleaner.

Continue reading to find out the most important things to consider so you can make that final decision on which product is best for you in confidence.

Pet Owner

Before investing in a carpet cleaner, you should consider certain types if you are a pet owner. If you are lucky enough to own a dog or a cat, it is recommended you get a specialized pet carpet cleaner.

These are specially designed for tackling and removing ingrained pet hairs, stains, and funky smells animals can leave behind.

Most top-quality carpet cleaners should be able to remove pet hair but some products may struggle with larger amounts of fur. Those not specialized as pet carpet cleaners are more likely to leave some hair remains on the carpet leaving you frustrated.

Pet carpet cleaners can be amazingly efficient at removing large chunks of hair as well as odors and stains from other sources.

The Size of Your Space

You should consider the size of your space and whether you need a larger carpet cleaning machine to work efficiently on larger areas of the carpet.

If you intend to only clean small spots that have stains, the best choice would be a portable carpet cleaner. These are easier to carry and handle allowing you to focus on particular areas that may be harder to reach with larger machines.

On the other hand, if you want to clean the carpets throughout your whole home, you will require a carpet cleaner that can clean larger spaces. In this case, it is advised you opt for a more capable machine with a larger tank and cleaning surface.

This will significantly reduce the amount of time needed to clean certain large areas of bigger homes as you won’t need to refill the tank so often.

Tank Capacity

As we have mentioned, the capacity of a carpet cleaning machine is important. The last thing you want is to start cleaning a floor before having to refill the tank every ten minutes.

A large tank is especially perfect and useful when cleaning larger areas of the carpet but this doesn’t mean you should always look for the largest tank possible.

Larger tanks result in a heavier and larger machine. This can be problematic when trying to maneuver it around obstacles in the house or when you have to carry it upstairs. There are portable options available but these have much smaller tank capacities.

However, if you don’t like the thought of carrying a large machine up and down the stairs every so often, portable devices are the best bet.


Some larger carpet cleaners can weigh up to 40-pounds and this is before the tanks are filled with water and cleaning solution. These can be very heavy to move, especially when dealing with stairs.

If weight is an issue, you should consider finding a more lightweight option such as carpet shampoo or a portable machine.

Carpet cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. Some are smaller handheld devices weighing as little as 15-pounds to the largest machines weighing considerably more.

Think about what weight you are comfortable with and if you can manage heavier machines.

Cord Length

The cord length is a feature worth considering as one that is too short can become very frustrating to use.

You will have to stop, unplug and plug the cord back in when tackling larger spaces which can take up time and effort.

You want to ensure the cord has a reasonable stretch length throughout your home from various outlet points. This will maximize the practicality and usefulness of the machine.

Most models have cords that run between 15 and 22 feet which should be more than adequate. Cheaper models with less than 10 feet of cable can be far too short, especially when moving around furniture.


How long should it take for a carpet to dry?

This depends on the machine you are using as some can leave a carpet dry in less than 90 minutes while others can take many hours.

Foot traffic can affect the drying process as a busy carpet area won’t have time to dry and stay clean sufficiently if it continues to be trodden on straight after cleaning.

You should wait for at least an hour before walking on the carpet again.

Can I use a carpet cleaner on wooden floors?

This is not advisable as a lot of water is administered during the carpet cleaning process.

If used on wooden floors, this water could seep into certain cracks, expanding the floorboards, and resulting in permanently warped wood. 

It is possible to use carpet cleaners on tiled and vinyl floors, however, but a regular squeegee mop would be just as effective and cheaper to use.

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