8 Best Robot Vacuums for Thick Carpet

Robot vacuums have been revolutionary, and there’s nothing better than being to sit down and relax while your vacuum does the work by itself.

They come in many designs, but most of them are ideal for smooth surfaces or thin carpets, meaning they might struggle with thicker carpets.

In fact, it can be hard for the robot vacuum to reach the entirety of the thick carpet’s fibers, which then leads to a lot of dirt getting accumulated, unable to be cleaned up.

Over time, this will severely damage your carpet, and it will make using the robot vacuum a bit of a frustrating fail. 

The solution, however, is simple. Make sure the robot vacuum that you’re using is suitable for thick carpets.

As we mentioned, they come in many designs, so look out for one that has the necessary bristles to reach every last inch of carpet, no matter how thick. That way, you’ll be able to actually relax, knowing no amount of dirt is being left behind to accumulate.

To help you look through some of the best robot vacuums designed for thick carpets, we’ve put together a list. Just choose the one most suited to your personal preferences!

Product Reviews:

If you’re in a hurry to get vacuuming, you can go straight to our top option, as it is the overall best robot vacuum cleaner for thick carpets.

But in case that one isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we’ve included more product options, for a total of 8 amazing robot vacuums, all suitable for thick carpets.


eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

The Eufy BoostIQ Robot Vacuum is our top product option for many reasons, one of them being that it has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and ratings, as it is a top-selling choice that is backed by many satisfied customers.

It is also ideal for thick carpets, as it has a powerful suction that works on medium-pile. In fact, this vacuum was included in the “Best robot vacuums of 2019” by Tom’s Guide.

It has been re-engineered to be one of the slimmest robot vacuum cleaners, for a sleek look that can get to more corners. It has a quiet operation, and an increased suction power that can guarantee every last piece of dirt is picked up, even in medium-pile carpets that are thicker.

It also features BoostIQ Technology, so that it automatically increases the suction power within 1.5 seconds, whenever that extra strength is needed to vacuum for the best possible performance.

It can vacuum for up to 100 minutes on hardwood floors and a little less on carpets. All throughout its cleaning, it will maintain consistent and reliable performance, so you can be sure that every bit of surface is being cleaned.

It also features an anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover for protection, making it a lot more durable.

An infrared-sensor helps it avoid any obstacles in the way, and the drop-sensing technology helps it avoid falling off of edges. This robot vacuum also recharges automatically, so it’s always ready to go when needed.

Included with the product, you get the charging base, the AC power adapter, a cleaning tool, some extra filters, brushes, cable ties, a welcome guide with instructions, and a 12-month warranty just in case there are any issues. 


  • Highly well-reviewed and included in top product lists - Reliable quality and recommended by many customers
  • Quiet operation and increased suction - it can deal with thicker carpets, with a silent and powerful performance
  • BoostIQ Technology - adapts the suction power to the surface
  • Anti-scratch, infrared-sensor, and drop-sensing tech - highly reliable and convenient, you can just let it be. It’s also very durable


  • Has to be emptied after almost every use


Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL, Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation, Home Mapping, Self-Cleaning Brushroll, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Black

The Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty Vacuum is a close second on our list of product options, as it has incredibly strong suction, ideal for dealing with thicker carpets, with a high level of performance. Its deep cleaning power can suction small and large debris, as well as pet hairs, on both hard floors and carpets.

With this robot vacuum, you can also relax for longer, as it has a bagless self-emptying base that can hold up to 30 days’ worth of dirt and debris.

Basically, you can let it be for an entire month before you have to step in, and then you relax for another month! It also has a self-cleaning brush roll that is able to remove pet hair and other long hairs, so that they don’t get caught in the system and disrupt the rest of the vacuuming.

You can schedule the vacuum cleaning, targeting the entire house or specific rooms, through the phone or voice command, by using the SharkClean App, or by connecting it up to your Alexa or Google Assistant.

This is thanks to its ability to map your home, so it knows its way around. It will then clean row by row, room to room until every last corner is perfectly cleaned!

Once the Shark IQ runs out of battery, it will return to the dock for a recharge, and then return to where it left off so that no job is left half-finished. Reliable, stress-free, and powerful enough to deal with the thicker carpets in your house.


  • High suction power - able to deal with thicker carpets and large debris
  • Bagless self-emptying base that holds 30 days of dirt - you can forget about it for a month at a time, no need to do anything!
  • Mapping ability and scheduled cleaning - you can schedule it to clean the entire house or a specific room, so you can let it do its job while you relax
  • Returns to recharge and picks off where it left - highly reliable and stress-free


  • It’s very loud when in use 


The GOOVI Robot Vacuum is another excellent product option for thick carpets, thanks to its powerful suction capabilities.

Usable on both hard floors and carpets, it can pick up small and large debris, with reliable and high-quality performance.

The GOOVI has a slim design, to help it reach more small spaces. It is also highly efficient and intelligent, and will automatically return to the charging base when it’s running out of power.

That way, it is always fully charged and ready to go. It’s also very thorough in its performance, so you can rest assured that it will cover every corner.

The large wheels allow it to work on thick carpets, as well as being able to climb over door ledges. You can select different vacuuming modes and vacuuming times, leaving it to run while you sit back.

GOOVI also comes with one of the best customer support services, as they are there to answer any questions and help you with any issues. As well as coming with a one-year warranty, just in case.


  • Powerful suction - can deal with thicker carpets in a highly efficient way
  • Larger wheels - ideal for carpets, and for going over door ledges
  • Automatically returns to recharge - convenient and always ready to go. It can also be scheduled so that you simply set it up and then relax! 
  • Excellent customer service - any doubts or issues will be resolved


  • No indicator to show when it’s full


iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal - Empties Itself for up to 60 days, Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Black

The iRobot Roomba i7+ is another great product option, perfectly capable of dealing with both hard floors and carpets, even those that are medium-pile.

It can also deal with pet hairs and similar, thanks to the Dual Multi-Surface rubber brushes that adjust and flex to stay in constant contact with the carpet or floor.

That way, the hairs don’t get tangled in the system, and every bit of surface is getting a thorough clean. The premium 3-stage cleaning system it uses provides a power-lifting suction, so it won’t leave a single fiber of carpet unturned.

The base of the vacuum can hold up to 60 days of dirt and debris, with AllergenLock Bags that capture 99% of pollen and mold.

So with this iRobot, you can really just sit back and relax for two months before even thinking about emptying it! It also features vSLAM navigation, meaning it learns the layout of your home and maps every room so that it can make its way around and can be scheduled to clean specific areas.

If it’s running low on battery, it will return to the dock for a recharge, and then pick off where it left off. It also responds to voice commands and will clean immediate messes, such as “Roomba, clean under the table”, which is highly convenient.

On top of that, the Roomba will slowly learn your cleaning patterns, and will eventually suggest personalized schedules for different areas of the house. You won’t even have to plan the vacuuming!


  • Dual Multi-Surface rubber brushes and Power-lifting suction - highly efficient vacuuming even on thicker carpets
  • The base holds 60 days of dirt - no need to empty the vacuum for two months at a time!
  • vSLAM navigation and mapping - it can make its way around your house and be set to clean everything or just specific areas (super convenient) 
  • Intelligence with pattern learning - it will suggest personalized cleaning schedules based on your cleaning and dirt patterns


  • A smartphone connection is required to start the scheduled vacuuming


Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1700Pa Super-Strong Suction, Ultra Slim, Automatic Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum for Cleaning Hardwood Floors, Medium-Pile Carpets, Filter for Pet, Easy Schedule Cleaning

The Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner is another product option that has been designed to be suitable and effective even on medium-pile carpets, so there shouldn’t be any issues with getting every last bit of dirt suctioned away.

With a high-capacity power, it runs quietly while suctioning at full strength, supporting up to 110 minutes of constant vacuuming before it needs to recharge. And thanks to the auto-recharge feature, it will make its way back to the dock by its own accord, so it’s always ready to go.

With the auto-adjust feature, the vacuum will increase suction power and maximize efficiency when needed, to ensure that every bit of surface gets cleaned.

It also adapts its height to switch from hard floors to carpets. You can schedule and customize cleaning preferences, and control it via remote control, so you can just sit back and let it do the work.

The Coredy robot vacuum also supports a wet mopping function, able to clean mud and similar before switching back to suction.

The slim design allows it to reach smaller places, and it’s equipped with an anti-collision and an anti-drop intelligent sensor. That way no harm will come to it, and nothing will stand in its way.


  • High power capacity and suction capability - able to deal with both hard floors and medium-pile carpets
  • Quiet and powerful, with an auto-recharge feature - you will barely even notice it working, and it will always be ready to go
  • Auto-adjust feature - adapts to the surface and adapts suction efficiency 
  • Wet mopping function - can clean up muddy footprints as well as vacuuming


  • The water tank for the wet mopping function is sold separately


roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Smart Navigation Robotic Vacuum, 2000Pa Strong Suction, 200 min Runtime, Self-Charging, APP Control, Perfect for Pet Hair, Carpet, Larger Home, Works with Alexa

The Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a highly popular product and another best-selling option from our list of top picks.

It has been designed with an 11% increase in suction power, with an automatic carpet boost that ensures it remains highly efficient, even on thicker carpets. 

It can also pull out hairs without them getting stuck in the system, so the performance is truly reliable.

The cleaning is highly efficient. It has a 10% faster movement, with intelligent navigation and a Z-shape route that covers the entire surface in less time, getting the job done faster.

The battery is also extremely long-lasting, so no job is left half-finished. It also features a large dustbin, so that there’s no need to empty the vacuum as often. Instead, you can simply sit back and relax, letting it do its job.

With the App-control, you can schedule rooms and times for the robot to vacuum, creating a plan beforehand, and setting it up, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally forgetting about it.

And if by any chance, it runs out of battery before the job is finished, it will dock to recharge, and then continue where it left off. 


  • Designed with increased suction power and an automatic carpet boost - highly efficient over thicker carpets, powerful and efficient 
  • Faster movement and Z-shape route - a more efficient cleaning pattern so that it vacuums faster
  • Intelligent navigation and app-control - set the vacuum up and leave it be to get the job done, hassle-free
  • Auto-charge - it will always be ready, and will never leave a job unfinished


  • No significant downsides


ILIFE A80 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 2000Pa Max Suction, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, 2-in-1 Roller Brush, Self-Charging, Slim and Quiet, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floor and Medium Pile Carpet.

The iLife A80 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner is yet another product option that caters to thicker carpets, as it is efficient and suitable for both hard floors and up to medium-pile on carpets. It comes with different cleaning modes to adapt to the different surfaces and needs.

The Max mode has enhanced suction, perfect for thicker carpets. The path mode is ideal for covering larger areas in a faster amount of time.

The Spot mode cleans small areas with intense suction, so it’s perfect for extra dirty patches of the surface. And the Edge mode adapts to corners and edges so nothing is left unvacuumed.

The Gyro navigation allows the robot vacuum to go about its job without getting trapped by obstacles.

It also has a 2-in-1 roller brush and auto boost for carpets that guarantees it stays in contact with the surface, even over uneven bits of flooring or carpet, and it adjusts the suction so that every last fiber of carpet is cleaned of dirt and debris.

With the smart app control, you can customize the cleaning schedule and set up the vacuum to start a job automatically, leaving you to relax and let it be.

It will automatically re-charge when needed too, so it’s always ready to go. The product also comes with a 12-month warranty, so any issues will be resolved! 


  • Different cleaning modes that adapt to the surface and the area - able to enhance suctioning power for thicker carpets 
  • Auto-boost for carpets - excellent performance on carpets as it ensures full contact and enhanced suction
  • Smart app control - schedule and plan the vacuuming, then leave it be and relax! 
  • Gyro navigation function - nothing will get in the way of the vacuum


  • The navigation isn’t advanced as other robot vacuums, and it might get stuck behind bigger obstacles


Last but not least on our list of top picks, we have the Kyvol Cubovac E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It has a sleek design, allowing it to reach smaller areas, without compromising its suctioning capabilities and power, which makes it ideal for carpets.

It comes with 3 different cleaning modes with adjustable suction power: Spot cleaning, Automatic cleaning, and Edge cleaning, to ensure every last bit of surface gets suitably cleaned up. It’s more than capable of dealing with thicker carpets, up to a medium-pile.

The high-capacity lithium-ion battery gives it approximately 150 min of constant runtime, and once it’s out of power it will automatically dock to recharge, meaning it’s always ready to go. Never leaves a job unfinished, and you can sit back and relax while it vacuums the house!

It can be controlled via a smart app or voice control. You can set up cleaning schedules, and control the different cleaning modes so that it is off doing an efficient job without you having to constantly supervise or check in on the progress.

The product comes with everything you need, including the charging base, a manual of instructions, and plenty of accessories.

Plus, it comes with an 18-month warranty just in case there are any issues. Basically, it comes with everything to ensure the purchase is hassle-free, and you’re ready to start vacuuming immediately.


  • Different cleaning modes - adapts to the surface, and boosts the suction power for high efficiency on carpets up to a medium-pile 
  • High-capacity battery and auto-recharge - Always ready to go, and able to cover large areas without leaving the job unfinished 
  • Smart app and voice control - schedule the vacuum and set the cleaning mode, then leave it be and relax! 
  • Comes with plenty of accessories, and an 18-month warranty - convenient and high value


  • It struggles when running into big obstacles

Best Robot Vacuums for Thick Carpet Buying Guide

Robot vacuums are incredibly comfortable to use, as you simply set them up, and then leave them to vacuum the house while you relax or do other things.

They’re very efficient, and can leave the house looking cleaner than ever, not to mention that a lot of them have several different advanced features that make them almost completely independent.

So what’s the issue with thick carpets? Well, most robot vacuums are designed for hard floors and low-pile carpets, as they are designed for smooth surfaces.

The issue with thicker carpets, is that if the robot vacuum isn’t suitable, it will struggle to clean them efficiently, and will likely be unable to get to the bottom of the fibers. Plus, they might also struggle with moving on them and might get caught and trapped!

To ensure the robot vacuum is suitable for thicker carpets, you need to check whether it’s compatible with medium-pile carpets, and whether it has a strong enough suction capacity that will be able to deal with that extra thickness.

However, if you want to purchase the best possible vacuum, checking whether it’s minimally suitable isn’t enough. There are plenty of other features to look out for, in order to ensure you’re getting a high-quality and reliable product, that will truly make your life easier.

Let’s look at some of the main basic factors that you can take into consideration when choosing your robot vacuum, keeping in mind that you’re looking for one that is suitable for thick carpets:

Floor Type and Cleaning Modes

The first factor to consider, is whether the robot vacuum is suitable for the type of floor you’re going to use it with. So in the case of thick carpets, you need to make sure it is apt for use on at least medium-pile carpets.

Most robot vacuums will be able to switch between flooring types, so this is definitely something to check. Some vacuums will feature an automatic carpet-boost, in which they will detect the carpet flooring, and enhance the suction power accordingly so that the cleaning remains as efficient.

A lot of robot vacuums will also have different cleaning modes, which you can set up or choose from when putting it to work. These cleaning modes relate to types of floor, but also to types of cleaning.

So for example, you might want to use a Spot cleaning mode to go over a smaller area with enhanced suctioning, if it’s an especially dirty patch of surface.

Other popular cleaning modes are Edge mode, which is to take care of the more hidden corners, or Automatic mode, in which the vacuum will follow its pre-established pattern to clean a larger area of surface.

Suction Power

Suction power is absolutely key when it comes to robot vacuums, and especially if you’re going to use one on a carpet.

On a smooth hard wood surface, there’s no need for too much suction, because the dirt has nowhere to get trapped or hold on to.

On a carpet, on the other hand, the dirt and debris will cling to the fibers that they are buried between, and more suction power is therefore needed to loosen them up and clean them.

If you have a thick carpet, of medium-pile and above, then the fibers of carpet go a lot deeper, and it’s harder for the suction power to reach the very bottom, where most of the dirt will be hiding.

So an enhanced suction power is needed in order to ensure the carpet is truly being cleaned as best as possible.

Look out for robot vacuums that have adjustable suction power, with a boost for carpet surfaces.


Battery life is quite important when it comes to robot vacuums, as they are designed to automatically go around the house cleaning everything up, and they do so by themselves without being plugged in. The more battery life they have, the more surface area they will be able to cover with each go.

Most robot vacuums will have an auto-recharge feature, so you should 100% aim to have it in yours too. It makes sure that when the power is running low, the vacuum goes back to its base, to dock and recharge. That way it doesn’t just die in the middle of a room.

If the robot vacuum is advanced enough, it will then continue right where it left off, once it’s recharged, and this is a super convenient and useful feature that we recommend you look for.

Navigation and Mapping

Robot vacuums are designed to go around the house by themselves, covering the entirety of the floor surface, picking up all dirt.

That is why, more and more, they are equipped with navigation systems, and mapping capabilities. This helps them navigate the different rooms in your house, until they know where everything is, and can therefore be even more efficient in their cleaning patterns.

The mapping function helps them get to know your house. And eventually, you should be able to schedule them to clean specific rooms or areas of the house, and they will know exactly where to go to get the job done.

Not all robot vacuums have these features, but they’re very useful, and they really do take the robot aspect to the next level. With this, you can usually set up the schedule from an app, and then sit back and relax while they go about the vacuuming.

Sensors and Protection Features

Robot vacuums don’t have eyes. (Although you could draw some on or stick some on, for fun. Just remember that they won’t actually be able to see through them.)

So they have to be able to get by through other means. It is normal, in any household, for different objects or items to be scattered around the floor, and the robot vacuum has to somehow get by, while doing its job, without getting trapped, struck, and without falling off any edges.

This is where the sensors and protector features come in. Most robot vacuums will have infrared-sensors, for objects, and will have drop-sensing technology to avoid any edges from which they could fall off.

Nevertheless, somoe vacuums are more efficient than others at overcoming these obstacles. More advanced vacuums will recalibrate their pattern and get around, over, or under.

Other vacuums will get stuck, and will be unable to move and continue vacuuming until you set them free from their situation. The latter can be very annoying and inconvenient, so always check the sensor capabilities beforehand!

Control and Scheduling

Robot vacuums can be controlled in four different main ways:

  • Manual button control:
    Most of the vacuums will have a few manual buttons to control the main features and cleaning modes. But once you have them set up, you shouldn’t have to bother with pressing an actual button on them, as there are more comfortable ways of controlling them.
  • Voice control:
    This one is very convenient, and very comfortable to use. There will be a few basic voice commands that you can use, that will vary from vacuum to vacuum, and that will allow you to control the on and off, as well as the cleaning modes and others.
    Some more advanced robot vacuums have a feature in which they can interrupt their schedule or cleaning pattern to answer to an “emergency”, such as you telling them to go and clean under the kitchen table. And once they’ve done that, they will resume their previous task.
  • App-Control:
    This is one of the most popular and commonly used. If your robot vacuum comes with this, there will be a specific smartphone app that you can download, and use to control every single aspect of the vacuum, including the cleaning modes and the schedules.
  • Connection through Alexa or Google Assistant:
    You can usually connect most robot vacuums to the Alexa or Google Assistant that you have installed in your home, and can then order it about using them. It works very similarly to the voice command.

As for the scheduling, different robot vacuums will have different capacities. More advanced vacuums will be able to schedule specific tasks, times, and rooms. And some might even begin to suggest personalized cleaning patterns, based on the parts of the house that need the most cleaning.

Dirt Capacity

The dirt capacity is the amount of dirt and debris that your robot vacuum can hold and store, before it needs emptying. The more capacity, the less regularly you will have to empty it.

Some advanced robot vacuums will have a container at their base, in which they can self-empty the dirt. That way you only have to empty that bigger container, and it’s a lot less regular. Some even have a capacity for 60 days worth of dirt, meaning you only ever have to interfere with the vacuum once every two months!

A good dirt capacity can be super convenient, but it’s not that essential. Depends on what your priorities and preferences are with the vacuum! 


Do robot vacuums clean in a straight line?

This depends on the robot vacuum, and its specific capabilities. Most robot vacuums will have a pre-established pattern that they automatically use for covering large surface areas.

Usually this pattern is a combination of straight lines and turns, or it could be a Z-shaped pattern.

However, if the robot vacuum has a navigation system and enough sensors, it will clean in a way that avoids the obstacles, while still attempting to get to every last bit of surface.

How often should you run the robot vacuum?

There is no exact answer to this question, as it completely depends on each house, and the specific cleaning needs.

You should run the robot vacuum as often as needed, or as often as you want it to run. A few times a week is usually the average, although there are people that like running it on a daily basis.

You could also run it more regularly in some areas of the house, and less often in others. The robot vacuum is there as a tool, and it will clean as often as you schedule it to.

Can robot vacuums clean in the dark?

Robot vacuums don’t ‘see’ where they are going, but rather, they are navigating with the help of different sensors, or with a mapping system.

So, usually, it’s perfectly fine for them to be in the dark, and they will be able to clean just as well.

However, there are some robot vacuums that use camera and laser based navigation, and these will require a minimum amount of light, even if it isn’t full of daylight.

What vacuum works best on thick carpet?

When it comes to thicker carpets, it’s important that you use a suitable robot vacuum. Otherwise, the cleaning will be inefficient, and the carpet will just be accumulating dirt and debris at the very bottom.

Look for vacuums that are suitable for carpets of at least medium-pile, or more. And look out for higher suction power, specifically, for carper auto-boost suction that will really be able to get all the dirt loose and out.

Are robot vacuums worth it?

The simple answer is: yes. Robot vacuums are absolutely worth it. They are incredibly convenient and comfortable to use, and they free up your time so that you can get on with other things while the vacuuming is taken care of by itself.

Robot vacuums are also packed with innovative technology and plenty of useful features, so they tend to have a very powerful suction capability, as well as being able to adapt to different floor types automatically, thanks to the different cleaning modes they come with.

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