Rachel Jones

A clean home is a happy home, at least in my opinion. I’m Rachel, and I run Domestly. I am a part-time baker, a full-time mom, and I am obsessed with Pinterest, crafting, and of course, cleaning. Domestly began as a passion project. I am utterly in love with the way a clean house makes me feel. It hasn’t always been this way, though, and I wanted Domestly to help people from all walks of life to learn to love cleaning!   

At college, I was always the messy one. I hated chores, especially cleaning the bathroom. However, when I discovered that baking was my dream career, I quickly learned how important it was to have an organized, clean kitchen. This quickly progressed into being utterly enthralled by how fun it could be to clean and organize my whole home.   

At Domestly, we are all about making your life easier by sharing some of our top cleaning tips, as well as all of the must-have cleaning products and equipment in our review section. From sharing tips on how to clean up the most random stains (no, really, we’re talking everything from lipstick to silly putty!), to exploring the best steam mops and robot vacuum cleaners, we want to share our profound passion for cleaning with you all!