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Currently available in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Coming to Durban soon.
How it Works
Domestly finds you affordable and background-checked cleaners whether you’re at home, or away on vacation.
Choose from over 500 trusted and peer reviewed cleaners and make a booking.

A trusted cleaner will arrive at your place on time to clean your house.

Enjoy your clean place and only pay when the job is done.

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Download the app and find a cleaner on the go!

Choose your time, choose your price!
One professional cleaner, one perfectly clean house!
Half Day
4 hours cleaning in one, efficient session.

Full Day
8 hours cleaning with a half hour lunch break.

It’s easier with a subscription
Do you like a specific cleaner? Book them weekly and get up to 10% off!

cleaner schedule
Quick, once-off setup
Get your preferred cleaner
Automatic monthly payments
Get a substitute if your cleaner is unable to make it
No labour law implications (sick leave, maternity leave & UIF)
7 Days a week support
Apply as a cleaner with Domestly
Apply to get a job in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town.

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Our Clients Say
Domestly is really changing the game in the service industry, the platform is very trustworthy and reliable. I love that it gives you the options to choose who you want to use.

Very impressed with the service and how easy it is to use.

Very impressed with the service. Thanks so much Domestly. Will definitely make use of your service again. No more hassles finding cleaning help whenever I need it.