Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner Review

One of the hardest types of flooring to keep clean is carpeting.

Bits of debris and dirt can easily get stuck in the carpet fibers, and therefore you need one hell of a good vacuum to get them out and keep your carpet looking like you only got it yesterday.

The Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner ranks in the top tier of carpet cleaning machines. This machine eliminates the need for guesswork and is super easy to use as a home vacuum cleaner.

It’s as simple as plug it in, turn it on, clean the carpet. No need for measuring solutions or any settings changes.

It is popular, well-loved, and a dream come true for carpet owners, everywhere! Time to find out why, and if you should get one as a gift to your carpet. 

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000G, Turquoise


This vacuum comes with many fantastic features that make your cleaning easier, more efficient, and more successful at getting the job done.

Have a look at what these features are below.

  • The triggerless handle means that you do not need to continually press a button while you use this vacuum. While the SmartWash mixes the water and cleaning solution automatically, you will need to press the on/off switch near the foot pedal but that is as much pressing as you will have to do. 
  • It has two dual brush rolls with a helical design. These are extended rubber brushes that agitate dirt, and their long bristles reach deep down into the carpet. This loosens even more dirt for an extensive carpet cleaning. 
  • The vacuum cleaner also has separate tanks for clean and dirty water, as well as a cleaning solution. This means that the cleans are much more efficient than in machines that may hold both clean and dirty water in the same tank. You can rinse your carpets until they are sparkling clean as you will not need to be concerned about any uneven distribution of the cleaning solution. 
  • It has a Low profile for cleaning under couches or beds. There is no need to waste any time moving furniture around or getting into awkward positions to get that dirt in difficult places. 
  • You also won’t need to worry about cleaning larger areas either thanks to the 12-inch cleaning width which helps you complete cleans faster. It also comes with an 8-inch hose for a larger reach, saving you from lugging the whole vacuum around your house.
  • Another nice feature is the transparent cleaning nozzle which allows you to see the cleaning solution as it is dispensed. You can even view how the machine sucks up the dirt. And don’t forget the removable brush roll for easy cleaning of any stuck dirt or annoying pet hairs.


This vacuum also comes with optional accessories. These include:

  • A two-in-one pet tool.
  • A bottle a cleaning solution that is made for your type of home/ carpet.
  • A rubber nub tool.
  • A SpinScrub attachment for the toughest spots and stains.
  • A rubber nub tool.
  • A crevice tool for cushions, corners, and tight or awkward areas.
  • An eight-foot hose.
  • A storage bag.
  • A stair tool that widens the path for shampooing the carpet on elevated areas.
  • A user manual.

While many of these are included some you will need to order from the manufacturer; the specialized cleaning solution, the SpinScrub attachment, the Crevice tool, and the Stair tool are amongst these.

Note that SmartWash has three specialized cleaning solutions, it has ‘Paws and Claws’ which is made for homes with many pets, ‘Renewal Solution’ which is for deep cleaning and a fresh linen scent, ‘ Free and Clean’ which is hypoallergenic and has no dyes or fragrances and the ‘Oxy Solution’ which breakdown ketchup, coffee, and other potentially tough stains.


Weight of Unit

18.9 lbs

Width of Unit


Height of Unit


Motor Power

10 Amps, 120 Volts.

Cleaning path


Capacity for Clean Water

1 Gallon

Capacity for Detergent.

20 Ounces. 

The Hoover SmartWash Carpet Cleaner is easily maneuverable, despite weighing as much as compared to rug cleaners, it feels lighter in the hand as it is much easier to handle.


This is a carpet cleaner with exceptional abilities at cleaning. With its two brush rolls that agitate the dirt particles to remove them, and its long bristols then help to remove dirt from high-pile and low pile carpets.

It works fantastically. Do remember that you will need to vacuum carpets thoroughly before you use SmartWash for the absolute best results.

Automix & Autoclean

The AutoMix feature is what ensures that you do not need to mix any cleaning solution. Everything is ready for you automatically.

If you have to measure liquids it slows down the cleaning process and takes up too much time, you may also accidentally use too much water, or too much solution.

You should fill the SmartWash tanks with liquid-water or cleaning solution and then start operating. There is no need to measure the liquid, just fill the tank and start cleaning. There will be no foam or any excess that could cause problems.

Then there is the AutoClean function which means that the machine alternates between washing and drying the carpet automatically. So that when you roll the SmartWash forwards the cleaning spray automatically sprays onto the carpet, then the brush roll picks up the dirt.

Then when you pull it back the machine will extract water and dries the carpet. All of this done automatically! Without any need for pressing any buttons, it is automated by movement.

The Hoover SmartWash has sensors that determine when the machine will extract sand and distribute soap. It also has a dry-only button option that overrides the automatic sensors. This option is fantastic for waterlogged carpets or if you have had a leak.

Smartwash: The Components and How They Work

The Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner can clean your whole house and tackle large, multiroom cleaning jobs. This cleaner has a large tank and has a long cord.

So you do not need to worry about moving the machine from room to room constantly. The hose will clean furniture, stairs, and pretty much any other surface that needs a good cleaning.

It is compatible with a 120V outlet, drawing 1200 Watts, and has the optimum necessary suction required to clean liquid from carpets among other things. Its cord is a full 22ft long and wraps easily around the back it the machine.

It doesn’t have a dustbin or a bag, instead, dirt and dust are soaked in the water that is sprayed onto the carpet, the dirty water that contains this dirt and dust is then sucked into the tank and the debris is filtered out as it travels along the suction path.

The dirty water tank has a capacity of 1 gallon, with an average-sized room, a gallon is enough to shampoo the whole carpet without any interruption.

It has a 10A motor that generates strong suction to pick up all the dirty water and debris caught in it. With two brush rolls that agitate dirt, they rotate in the same direction to best remove dirt and debris.

You will need to assemble the SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner yourself, however, it will not take long and there are no tools required.

All you need to do is snap the pieces together. It comes with the cleaning solution and therefore there is no need for you to make any additional trip to the store.

It also has two foot-powered switches, you release the handle with a foot-operated lever, and you can the machine on or off with a foot pedal on the bottom of the machine.

One of the best parts of this machine is the washing/ drying function. Pushing the unit forward wets the carpet, and pulling back dries it. No buttons just motion. Sweet and simple.

Being able to solely choose the dry mode, also is very beneficial, with it not applying any cleaning solution and just drying the carpet. The wash mode rinses the carpet and removed the cleaning solution tank. You can remove and clean any of the tanks as you please with ease.

The tank tilter that carries dirty water should be wiped clean and reused each time, if you do not do this it can become clogged and affect the suction so it is good practice to maintain this cleaning habit with the machine.

Pros and Cons

No matter how good a machine is there will always be pros and cons to face. The Hoover SmartWash is no different.

It is a great choice for busy professionals and even older adults who will appreciate its time-saving features. It won’t even use up a lot of the cleaning solution while cleaning carpets, rugs, or runners in your home.


Some of the best features of this machine are in its ease of cleaning, capable of tackling even the messiest, sticky results of parties or having kids, in the blink of an eye. It blasts your carpet from wet to dry using air jets, avoiding possible mildew the machine provides the perfect configuration for this. However, some pet mess may take two passes to clean completely. Yet, with the lightweight ease of this machine that’s no problem.

  • Auto mix and clean.
  • Tackles pet hair with no problems.
  • Dries your carpet quickly.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Easy to use, no fuss.
  • The nozzle is removable and easy to clean.


Although this machine is quick-drying, it could be quicker, depending on your carpet type it may take a little longer than expected. However, it still trumps most of its competitors. You can use this cleaner on both high and low pile rugs, but you want to avoid using it on a Berber carpet.

You also won’t be able to adjust the vacuum head height, so it could end up resulting in some poor cleans or damage to a Berber-type carpet, hence it is best avoided.

  • No quick clean mode.
  • There is no mode for manual detergent spraying. 

Repairs and Warranties

This machine comes with a five-year warranty that covers parts and workmanship, considering that a majority of carpet cleaners on the market only have a warranty of two years, this is one hell of a deal.

You should only use this machine in your home for the warranty to remain valid though.

Step by Step: Using the Hoover Smartwash Carpet Cleaner

To use the Hoover Smartwash Carpet Cleaner, first of all, you want to put warm water into the water tank, then put the Hoover detergent into the detergent tank, you may use other brands but the Hoover solution is made for this so pairs best. Remember there is no need to dilute the solution.

Clean the carpet by pushing the machine forward, do so slowly to prevent too much soap from dispensing, one or two passes will be more than enough for an average or moderately soiled area of the carpet.

The indicator will then show ‘dry’ when you extract and pull it back over the carpet. You should pull back slowly for better extraction. Remove the detergent contain to rinse.

Warm water will rinse the carpet slowly as you pull. When the water starts to look less soapy, or soap-free then you should stop pulling. A rinse should only require two passes.

When you have rinsed, press ‘dry only’ (the button close to the handle) and work until there is no more water at the brush head, the carpet should be totally dry after you have used this. You can use a box fan in the area that you have just clean if you want to reduce the drying time.

You should use the ‘dry only’ button before working on the next section to disengage it and then reinsert the detergent bottle again.

Don’t forget to rinse out the dirty water container after each use, including the red screen and the lid. You should also periodically rinse out the brush headcover.

To Consider

Let’s have a final look at what is good about this machine, what do we rate it in the most important consumer areas.

This is a great machine that will make your carpet cleaning a breeze and will be very satisfying for you to use.

Easy Usage

This machine is really easy to use, no need for getting into awkward positions to clean.

All buttons are clear and it makes a previously difficult task a walk in the park.

We rate this 9.5/10


This is a very efficient machine, cleaning your carpets well, though it may take some minutes to dry, it produces fantastic results.

We rate this 7.5/10.


There are plenty of accessories that you can get with this machine, although some may need to be ordered separately from the original machine.

We rate this 7/10.


Customer support for this machine is stellar, with a five-year warranty and repairs made if needed throughout this time, you cannot go wrong.

We rate this 9/10.

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