Memory Foam Mattress: How to Steam Clean it

Memory foam mattresses are truly the best when it comes to comfort.

Mainly because they have the ability to completely adapt to your body and shape, and to then retain said shape so that they’re always perfectly and uniquely adapted to you. 

Of course, over time, they start to lose their support capabilities, and they basically start to die until they’re unusable. 

Memory foam mattresses can also get very dirty, as they can very easily trap dirt and debris. Cleaning them can also be tricky unless you’re doing it the right way.

Using a steam cleaner is the best way to do so, and it’s also the perfect way of getting your mattress to look brand new once more. 

How to steam clean a memory foam mattress:

Steam cleaning your memory foam mattress is pretty easy, and it shouldn’t take up too much time.

But just to ensure you’re doing it right, here is a step by step guide to help you throughout the entire process: 

1. Strip the mattress

It’s an obvious first step, but you can’t get started until you’ve stripped your memory foam mattress completely bare. This means removing all the bedding, as well as any pillows and similar.

You should also check if there are any waterproof liners on the mattress, check both on top and underneath, as sometimes they come with them on and you’re completely unaware. 

While you’re doing this, you can plug in the steamer so that it begins heating up in order to have it ready once it’s time to use it. 

2. Use a vacuum cleaner

Before you steam the mattress, you have to get rid of all the big dirt and debris. The best way to do this is by using a small vacuum cleaner.

You can also remove any big pieces of dirt or debris by hand, or use a soft brush. 

Don’t forget to also vacuum the sides and corners of the mattress, as well as underneath. Cover every single inch of it in order for it to be 100% ready to steam. 

3. Deal with big and difficult stains

If there are any big stains of dirt that you can’t get rid of, this is the time to address them.

However, memory foam mattresses are a lot more delicate than normal mattresses, so not all cleaning products that you would usually use on stains are suitable for this case. 

Make sure you’re using gentle products. With a piece of cloth, dab the stain and rub the product in so that it really gets under the stain to lift it off. Then leave it on for around 10 minutes, or however time the specific product indicates.

Wipe away the product and, hopefully, the stain will be gone. Once this is done, you’re finally ready to move on to the steaming. 

4. Steam clean

Once the steamer is ready to use, you can start steaming the entirety of the mattress. Use the steamer nozzle at around 6-inches of distance from the mattress, as it shouldn’t be in direct contact.

You can then use small circular motions, or go up and down until you’ve steamed the entire surface. Don’t forget to also steam the sides, corners, and underside of the mattress. 

As an important warning, remember not to keep the nozzle of the steamer on the same spot for more than 10 seconds, as that is too much. 

5. Make your bed again

Leave the mattress to sit for a while, so that it’s completely dry before you use it again. Then, make your bed! Use fresh bedding and enjoy the freshness of it all! 

Benefits of steam cleaning a memory foam mattress: 

Okay, so cleaning your memory foam mattress now and then is obviously a good idea. I mean, who wants to be sleeping on a build-up of grime and dirt? But what are the actual benefits of steam cleaning it? 

Here are the main ones: 

  • Steam cleaning your mattress will clean your mattress, and as obvious as that sounds, it’s a pretty good reason to do it. It can also get rid of any big and noticeable stains. 
  • Steam cleaning your mattress can also sanitize it on a deeper level, killing off nasty germs and avoiding any mold growths that could lead to health issues. 
  • Getting rid of the smell! Even if your mattress isn’t super dirty, it might start to smell due to trapping odor-causing bacteria. Steam cleaning gets rid of this and leaves it feeling fresh. 
  • It helps enhance the lifespan of your memory foam mattress so that it supports you for longer.  
  • Steaming your memory foam mattress can also get rid of any bed bugs and insects that might be around, as well as avoiding any bug infestations that can lead to a health risk.

In conclusion

So, to sum it all up. Steaming your memory foam mattress is a great way of cleaning it, making it fresh once again, killing off any bacteria, germs, or bugs, and enhancing its lifespan for long-term use. 

To steam clean it, you have to remove the bedding, then vacuum and brush off any dirt. Then you deal with the more difficult stains, using a gentle and suitable cleaning product.

And lastly, you use the steamer, keeping 6-inches away from the mattress and making sure to cover every last bit of surface. 

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